Comprehensive Repairs


Sometimes a component of your vehicle will need to be repaired or replaced. No troubles to your vehicle should ever be overlooked. East End Transmissions can easily and efficiently repair or replace any damaged or broken vehicle component with comprehensive care. You can rest assured that any extensive work done to your vehicle will be approached by our technicians with complete knowledge and skill.



The radiator is part of your vehicle’s is a cooling system. If your radiator cracks it can be a serious problem. To ensure that your radiator is performing at its optimum level you should have it flushed at least once a year. Preventive maintenance is the best way to protect yourself from unnecessary, costly vehicle repairs.


Industry changes have switched to a less costly material such as plastic and aluminum. Should your radiator crack, East End Transmissions can replace it with a factory radiator for an affordable price. East End Transmissions will flush your engine’s cooling system including radiator hoses and replace it with new fluid and a new factory radiator. This will ensure that the new radiator will run properly and efficiently.


More often than not, if your vehicle’s engine is having a temperature problem it will be due to the thermostat, not necessarily the radiator. East End Transmission’s specialists will be able to tell the difference quickly. Replacing the thermostat is an easy fix East End Transmissions can perform for you.



Front and Rear differentials are essential to vehicle performance and safety. These axel components are responsible for your vehicle’s drivability. Front and Rear differentials are responsible for distributing power from your vehicle's engine to the tires. East End Transmission’s technicians are skilled and knowledgeable in front and rear axel assemblies. Should your vehicle need to have one of there assembly components replaced, East End can assure the job will be done properly and at an affordable price.


Standard New Parts Include:

- Gaskets

- Seals

- Bearings

- Rings and Pinion Gear Sets

- Posi Units are also available.

Posi Units are a great option for heavy duty vehicles or vehicles used for towing. Having the right tools for the job is always essential and this goes for vehicles parts too.


Technicians at East End Transmissions will preload bearings to OEM standards for longer bearing life. This will be impertinent to your axel assemblies’ longevity. After reassembling your front or rear differential new fluid will be added and your vehicle will be test driven. This will ensure that all components are running properly and ready to, once again, safely get you from one destination to the next.